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Jewelry with a meaning

   Welcome to One Soul Jewelry.  For centuries, crystals/stones have been loved for their beauty, collected and adorned by people from all walks of life. The selection of gemstones I use in jewelry are vast. Jadeite is one. The uses for this gemstone are to bring forth the abilities to unite and improve dysfunctional relationships. Chrysoprase, is a lovely gemstone from China. One of its many uses is to encourage fidelity in business and personal affairs. One of my favorite gemstones is black onyx. It’s an excellent stone for banishing grief, grounding oneself to enhance self-control, encouraging happiness and bringing good fortune. Amethyst is another great gemstone; the stone of “spirituality and contentment”. This is also good for calming the soul for peace. Other gemstones I use are angelite, clear quartz, ruby, rose quartz, turquoise, and fluorite to name a few. All stones emit energy which can be used in meditation, healing, and to also increase your 

spiritual awareness by connecting to your inner soul so you can try to make better choices in life. Wearing stones close to the skin can enhance your sixth sense and intuition. Your soul will connect with the stone of it's choice. You may be saying, "What does she mean? How will my soul choose?" Each crystalline structure/form-stone has it's own energy and it's own personality so when you see

 a stone, or piece of jewelry you really like, you'll know that piece is for you. It will resonate with your energy. Each one of my One Soul jewelry is named based on it's style and what energy the stone(s) emit. I will not replicate any of my One Soul hand bracelets, so if you choose to purchase one, you will be it's soul owner. No one else will own it.

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